Walker’s Vale by John J. Zelenski

Walker's Vale - by John J. ZelenskiJames Cooper moved his family to Walker’s Vale, Pennsylvania, in search of the ideal life. What he got was the just opposite. As this small town’s eerie history is revealed and repeated, it’s clear the devil is in the details and he’s waiting for the Cooper’s young daughter. When the FBI come knocking at his door, James quickly realizes that his ideal life may come with a steeper price than he thought. This story of faith, deception, and horror will captivate readers as one man fights for his family’s safety and embarks on a journey toward redemption in this suspenseful supernatural thriller.


‘Walker’s Vale’ is a quick read, short chapters, well written. It had me from the start because the family has a 4 yr old autistic daughter and I work with autistic children. It has some paranormal activity as well as angels.

John wrote this based on his own supernatural experiences as a child.  ‘Walker’s Vale’ also grabbed me because I personally had an experience with an angel during a car wreck that I had 21 years ago.

This book is about a family that moves to a small town with an eerie history. The only thing negative about this book is it sounded a little “preachy” to me but if you enjoy anything with the supernatural this is a book for you.

Reviewed by Mitzi-July 2012

Walker’s Vale The Movie Is In The Works

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