Soul Hunter by J. A. Carlton

Soul Hunter – by J. A. Carlton

Twenty years ago, in the town of Sedalia, serial child murderer Eddy Jay was killed. Now, on the anniversary of his death, he’s back to finish what he started over forty years ago. Justin Sanders hunts ghosts, demons, and things that go bump in the night, it’s in his blood. When the spirit of Edward Jacob Simons returns to claim ‘the one that got away’, the young psychic finds himself embroiled in a supernatural game of cat and mouse that started decades before he was born.

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Books Available To Purchase Now:

Broken (psychological thriller)

Fortune’s Tide (Third – Freedom Fighter Series)

Into The Fire (Second – (Second – Freedom Fighter Series)

Nick, Of Time (First -Heroes Of The Line Series)

Second Hand Heroes (Second – Heroes Of The Line Series)

The Third Race (Third – Heroes Of The Line Series)

Soul Hunter (psychological thriller)

Wednesday’s Child (First – Freedom Fighter Series)


Award Winning Author J. A. Carlton blasts through genre barriers, first with her horrifying psychological thrillers ‘Broken’ and Soul Hunter. With a penchant for epic series Jill has published ‘Wednesday’s Child’, ‘Into The Fire’ and ‘Fortune’s Tide’ of her ‘Freedom Fighter Series’. ‘Nick, Of Time’, ‘Second Hand’, and ‘The Third Race’ are the first three installments of her ‘Heroes Of The Line Series’.

Jill currently lives and writes in Austin, Texas. She is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Speaker, Author and Screenwriter.


Jill’s Mission:

Entertain as many people as possible!

Inspire others to achieve their dreams!

To explore the human condition creatively!

To learn and share!


Jill is now working on the fourth book in her ‘Heroes Of The Line Series’. She also promises us a new sci-fi- drama short story series called ‘Avalon’. She describes each short installment as self-contained (about 100 pages) pertaining to the whole. She states that the synopsis is something like this:

Station Commander Ava London has been charged with the onerous task of transporting Serian Nine, “purveyor of malicious mayhem across the galaxy” to P.E.X. where he’ll be turned over to the authorities for execution. While en route the transport shuttle and its inhabitants are sucked through a breach through interspace, (the zone between hyperspace and normal space) and are hurtled, along with an unknown passenger to twenty first century Earth.

Mere moments after Serian escapes Ava’s custody, the first of a series of grisly murders makes its way into her mind via the witness link she shares with her captive. Convinced Serian has gone on a spree Ava ingratiates herself to Austin P.D. Detective Mike “call me Sully” Sullivan, hoping to garner his help to catch a killer out of time.

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