Once Upon A Duke (The Duke Series Book One) by Sandra Masters

Once-Upon-a-Duke-The-Duke-Series-by-Sandra-MastersSerena, an artist and widow, has no desire for another husband. When she meets Geoffrey Austen, attraction sizzles to a scorch. Stolen days and nights ignite forbidden passion. Geoffrey asks Serena to be his mistress, but she wants commitment, love, and marriage, not an affair with a notorious rake.

Geoffrey realizes Serena might be the one woman who can care for his tortured soul, and maybe release his demons. The magic they shared is shattered when he learns she has been forced into an engagement with another. He vows to save her even at the cost of his own life.

Will Geoffrey’s gallantry prove he truly loves Serena?

If he survives, will Serena surrender all to him?

Book Excerpt:

When a seductive beauty meets a rake, passions ignite …

Chapter One”

If Lady Serena could be granted one wish, it would be to ride off into the morning mist and never come back. These sunrise rides were an escape for her now that she was free of her fiend of a husband. Hoof beats disturbed her peace. A vision of syncopated grace, man and steed, which moved as one caught her attention. She blinked to see if he was real. He was almost God like.

“Good day, my lady,” the vision spoke, drew the horse to a halt, got off his stallion and tethered it to a tree away from the mare. “It is a beautiful day and to come across a woman such as you makes it only better.”

“Yes, it is a welcomed morning, sir. But you flatter and my head is not turned easily.” Serena raised her hand to shield the sun and eyed the well-dressed handsome stranger. Alarmed, she contemplated a reach for her riding crop, but then checked the impulse. After all, this was her brother’s land and well-guarded. She dismissed the momentary threat of fear.

Serena assumed the vision was one of noble birth if he ventured on her brother’s land, since Henry was an unbearable snob and would never allow an outsider to encroach. “Allow me to introduce myself, Lord Geoffrey Austen at your service.” He swept off his hat and bowed with a flair of pretentiousness. “I am Henry Worthington’s hunting guest for the week.”

“I am Lady Serena Worthington, the sister of your host. I would rise and curtsy to you, but I am far too comfortable. You may however, consider that I have proffered the appropriate respect if you would indulge me.” Her smile charmed.

Geoffrey laughed at her effrontery. “I would be happy to humor you in any manner you prefer.” His voice stayed low and husky. Without permission, he moved closer and sat next to her on a log fashioned into a seat. He had seen her before, but their paths never crossed the many times he visited her brother’s estate. He thought Henry wanted to keep his sister away from him because of his reputation as a rake. The few times he had seen her, he wanted to be introduced but thought the better of it to admire her from afar. What wonderful god caused him to come upon her this auspicious morning? Whichever one it was, Geoffrey would drink a toast to it.

Book Review

Bring regency romance into your life with Once Upon a Duke. Each book in the Duke Series stands alone for your reading pleasure.

Warm, realistic characters in book one bring the reader back to London 1817. Lady Serena WorthingtonDurand is a strong independent woman ahead of her time, but she faces demons from the past. I quote: “If Lady Serena could be granted one wish, she would ride off into the morning mist and vanish. That, of course wasn’t possible, but here in her favorite lakeside retreat, she could relax in safety.”

Legendary Duke of Sutton, Geoffrey Austen has a chance encounter with Lady Serena and I quote: “Allow me to introduce myself, Lord Geoffrey Austen, at your service.” He swept off his hat and bowed. “I am Henry Worthington’s hunting guest for the week.”

More than a romance story, it is an adventure that will make your heart pound, your emotions run wild and your spirit soar.

The combination of remarkable storytelling, easy going to face paced reading, true to time period dialog and settings along with extensive research by Author Sandra Masters engages the reader in the life and times of Lady Serena WorthingtonDurand.

I invite you to light a fire, pour a glass of red wine (Sandra Masters would join you in the wine, but hers would be a white fruity glass) and relax with romance as it should be. Author Sandra Masters states it best: “Every woman should have a divinely decadent Duke in herlife.”

Cold Coffee Press endorses Once Upon a Duke by Sandra Masters as a true Regency Romance that will leave you wanting more. We reviewed this book from Kindle/PDF format. The review was completed on October 7, 2015. For more information please contact Cold Coffee Press. http://www.coldcoffeepress.com

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