Luke Pressor – US Marshal (The Wild West Country and Western Action Series Book 1) by John D. Fie Jr.

An exciting new Western in the style of Robert J. Thomas, WL Cox, and Duane Boehm filled with action, adventure and plot twists such as C. K. Crigger, Chet Cunningham, and A.H Holt! This is a book that is filled with crime, corruption and a lot of crime to clean up!

A Sheriff always catches the bad man, even if the man he is chasing is a dangerous killer. One highly skilled Sheriff called Luke Pressor finds himself at a settlement called Solution with problems to solve, killers to fight and a lot of action to take care of.

This exciting new Western from john D. Fie. Jr takes the reader on a one-man rampage as a Sheriff cuts through crime to get a job done. But what is it about Solution that changes this rugged Lawman to change his ways?