Jane Grey: A Homage to the Brontë Classics by Nina Mason

She is a poor governess. He is a wealthy count–or is he?

Jane Grey tells the story of a frustrated painter and a beleaguered English governess who comes to France to tutor a flirtatious young heiress in the social graces. Jane Grey meets Gabriel Brontë when he takes a spill from his horse near where she is walking–the same way Jane Eyre met Mr. Rochester in the book our Jane is reading at the time. Jane finds it uncannier still that Gabriel is a cousin to the author of Jane Eyre.

After Jane helps Gabriel home to his palatial chateau, he offers her drawing lessons to repay her kindness. Regrettably, the only way she can accept his gift is to pretend the drawing lessons are for Lady Cecile Brousseau, her spoiled and selfish pupil.

As the weeks pass, Jane and Gabriel discover they have much in common, including shared interests in art, poetry, literature, and gardening. They seem perfect for each other, apart from one significant snag: Gabriel cannot marry without forfeiting his fortune, and Jane can only marry a man with the means to support her as well as her dependent relations back in England.

Will the strength of Jane and Gabriel’s devotion be enough to overcome this seemingly unsolvable dilemma? Or will Jane be forced to choose duty over desire?

Jane Grey is an original work with subtle shadings borrowed from Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre and Anne Brontë’s Agnes Grey.